Sunday, January 3, 2010


No, I did not get rid of Tom or the kids!

HI, Everyone, well I went and done it! I've made a commitement to myself to be an actual BUSINESS't let that scare you, those that know me know that won't mean much....all that means is that I'm going to TRY my best to keep all of you more advised of Stampin' Up! sales, promotions, etc. It's not fair to keep them to myself anymore..hehehehe..

Sooo, I have a brand new BLOG....I LOVE IT....Michelle Laycock designed it for me and some friends took a poll and came up with the name of should actually say BEACH

sooo here is the web address:


I'm still learning how to blog, so please bear with me there and I'm going to have my 2 friends who don't know it yet take pics of my projects since I just shake way to much! there will be new content up ALOT more often!...

Please let me know what you think! Oh, I do have a cat like the one on there except the one on there looks way to sweet to be Nancy our HUGH orange tabby TOMCAT...yep, he's a MALE (fixed!) that is sporting a hugh hole on his side from a cat fight!

Love ya all and will be posting our HUGH sale coming up on the 5th!! So get ready and be sure to sign up for my newsletter!!

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