Monday, July 27, 2009


Gave me the use of their display cases for the month of July and boy was I able to fill them up! Some of the cards are donations for my fundraiser on August 5th at the VFW for the *Cards for the Troops*!! I've received so many of them!! So if you see some that look familiar they are!! They will be sent to the troops and be appreciated I'm sure by them!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

July Scrap Club Card!

Better late than never!...LOL

This is the card that my club will be making tonight!

See details below on the Scrap page if you would like to join in!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July's Scrap Club Page!

I'm starting my Scrap Club this Thursday and have a couple of spots left if anyone wants to join in....if you want to be an online participant you will receive everything everyone else receives but I'm sorry you will have to pay postage! Email me and I will explain how we can work this out so it won't be to bad on you!
You will receive 1 page a month and 1 card for purchasing $15 in items from the Stampin' Up! catalog (which you DO receive along with the kewl mini's we put out!!)
Here is the scrap page for this month! I am still finalizing it though!...always a work in progress for me until the last minute...hehehehe...yep I'm a natual blonde!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Friends of mine have done a few marker clubs in the past, and I think anyone who has participated will agree that it was a great investment in their craft collection. Personally, I don't have the set of 48 markers but I do have the set of the NEW IN COLORS markers and love them! Everyone that has all 48 love having them!

They are great for coloring in images, multi-coloring stamped images, splattering with the air brush tool, watercoloring, and much more. I recently learned how to shade with them, it's awesome! And the most fabulous feature is that they all coordinate with the 48 Stampin' Up! colors.Here are a few scenarios on how Marker Club could work this time, depending on how many people participate. The monthly totals include SH and tax.

4 people / 4 months / $37.32 per month

6 people / 6 months / $24.88 per month

8 people / 8 months / $18.66 per month

Each participant would also receive hostess benefits including a free SU catalog, a free hostess stamp set, and $15 in SU merchandise of their choice....for one of the months.

Please contact me if you are interested or have questions. I hope we get to start soon! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A cute suitcase to carry your cards, pens, stamps, etc in!
To purchase the awesome tutorial for this project go to:

I will be offering the project cut and ready to put together for $15 + $4.95 postage ONLY AFTER you show a receipt that you have purchased the tutorial.....You will receive the tote and enough materials to make 4 cards, the bookmarkers and post-it-note will NOT receive ANY stamped images..but as you can see I substituted another stamp set myself and it can easily be done! I do not include the adhesive....This way instead of you having to buy all the ribbon, scalloped punches, etc. I will send it all to you! But you MUST show a receipt of purchasing the tutorial!
I will also be offering this service for a few of Becky's other please check back!

Please email me with the paper you would like......thank you!

Monday, July 6, 2009


For 16 years our neighborhood has set off an awesome display of fireworks that are even better than our town's!

Here are some pics of the fireworks and of our winning entry in our golfcart parade!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing around with my Top Note Die!
Here is a cute little scrapbook with 10 pages. It would be cute to carry all those pics around to show off!

Then we have a nice Gift Card holder. When opened it has 2 spots, 1 for a gift card and 1 for a small card!